Stem Cell Therapy: New Hope for Diabetic Patients

Stem cells are the cells, having ability to differentiate into specific cell types. There are two types of stem cells: a) Pluripotent cells which are having ability to become any other cell of the body and b) Multipotent cells are constrained to differentiate into limited number of cells. Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. It was found that in various clinical trials that stem cell therapy can cure the disease which is a new hope for diabetic patients.UK based Suresh Vakhariya was on high doses of insulin from last 20 years. Because of diabetes he was also suffering from kidney and heart disease. After underwenting stem cell therapy he is now off insulin and taking no medications. Vakhariya is among the 7 people who are having type 1 or type 2 diabetes which have been cured or have drastically cut down on insulin therapy. Efficacy of the stem cell therapy has been verified by treating 7 recorded cases five mature and 2 juvenile patients having long history of diabetes.One more patient who was diagnosed at the age of 10 years said he was having fluctuation in the blood glucose level, frequent mood swings, and fatigue. After stem cell therapy insulin dependence has reduced drastically and feels much better.
So, Stem cell therapy is a new hope for diabetic patients.
Written By
Jaya Sharma, Student, IPNU

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